Burning Candles Tips Do’s & Don’t :

Burning Candles Tips Do’s & Don’t :

Guidelines for General Safety When Burning Candles, Do’s and Don’t Tips towards a Better Candle User Experience.

Read Carefully and Seek Professional Help in Case of Doubt.

Please Observe the 3 Golden Safety Rules 
1. Never leave a burning candle unattended
2. Never Burn a Candle on or Near Anything that might catch fire.
3. Keep candles out of the reach of Children and Pets.

Always Adhere to Basic Fire and Safety Rules when Burning Candles. 

Below we have outlined some general guidelines for Using Candles. 

A. Before Burning A Candle :-
1. Remove all packing material from the  Candles before hand.
2. Trim the wick to 1/4″ or 3 mm each time, every time, before you light up the candle, because bent-crooked long wick can cause the candle to burn un-evenly and may also cause flaring or dripping of candles.
3. Always use appropriate candle holders for the candle you are using.
4. Always take care to see that the room where you burn the candle in well ventilated.
5. To prevent damage to other furniture place the candle and candle holders on heat resistant surface and make sure they are sturdy and firm. It may also help prevent glass containers from cracking and breaking
6. Before and during the burning process please see to it that the wax pool (melted wax of the candle) is kept clear of wick trimmings,pieces from match sticks or any debris, as they may be combustible and pose a fire hazard.
7. Choose the location of candle in such a way to avoid direct air currents, air drafts (draught) or vents, because this may cause rapid or uneven burning of the candle. It may also produce soot or excessive dripping of candles.
8. When available refer to manufacturer label, recommendations on burn time and proper use.

B. While Burning A Candle :-
10. While the candle is burning, never try to touch or move a lighted pillar candle, or a container glass jar candle or a votive candle or a tin jar candle, when the wax is still in the molten state, because the surface and or the wax may be too hot and may cause burns.
11. As much as possible avoid the temptation of burning the candles all the way down. Resist from burning candles when they are 2 inches(25 mm) from the bottom or 1/2 inch approx 12 mm in case of container jar candles.
12. Distance between the individual candles should ideally be more than 3-4 inches apart, to avoid the possibility of them burning each other out. Also very close distance often causes the candles to burn improperly, smoke, flicker or flare due to the draft(draught) they create. Many other different things  like Heat and A/C vents, ceiling fans, windows and even doorways can create a draft, and can cause incomplete combustion resulting in your candle not burning properly.  Try to keep the flame still as much as possible.
13. If at any time you notice a flare up or too much soot or flickering of the candle, take the immediate step of extinguishing it, allow the wax and wick to cool, trim the wick and place it away from direct air draft.
14. Before moving out of the room or locking the room, kindly extinguish all lighted candles – out of sight is out of mind, so always keep an eye on the candles you burn.
15. Burn candles in a well ventilated room, avoid tight corners or poorly ventilated spaces or burning too many candles in a place where air circulation is poor or has limited air exchange.
16. Never use candles as night lamps or leave them burning when you are sleeping.
17. Never use candles to show light when re-fueling using gasoline. kerosene or any inflammable liquid.
18. Keep Burning candles away from room curtains, bedsheets, wardrobes, carpets, papers, books, pets, children, the elderly and the sick or any material in your knowledge that may catch fire or is inflammable. candles, a wavering wick will produce sooty smoke.
IMPORTANT: All Jar Candles should be burned for a minimum of 3 hours at each time to best utilise wax and avoid wax lingering to the sides. Candles in glass jars may cause more soot as it burns down, as the oxygen needed for proper combustion is reduced. Remember scented candles are not like normal pillar or votive candles and all scented candles produce a certain amount of soot. The principal reason –  scented candles contains fragrance oils, the more the fragrance, naturally higher the oil concentration, the more soot it will produce.
But still, the pleasure may far outweigh any discomfort of smoke or soot.

C. When You Extinguish A Burning Candle :- 
19. As much as possible use a candle snuffer to extinguish a candle, to avoid hot wax from the candle to splatter on you or the surroundings. When you blow out a candle you sometimes get lots of smoke or a glowing wick which will continue to smoke for a while. This smoke contains soot and as well the smoke will distort the lovely aroma your candle has spent so long releasing
20. Never use any liquid to extinguish a candle, even water, as this might crack any hot glass surface, glass containers and candle holders included. 21. Make sure the candle wick is not simmering and is completely extinguish before you leave the candle or the room.
22. Make sure the candle and the container is completely cooled before trying to touch or move it.
23. Do not use sharp or pointed objects like knife to remove or displace wax from any surface as it may cause scratches and damage the object making it unfit for next use.

These are general guidelines to help you have a wonderful candle user experience.
Keep in Mind that:
1.Candles are made of wax, hence they are sensitive to temperature variations.
2. Color Candles contain colors which are sensitive to light.
3. Scented Candles contain fragrances and oils which are sensitive to heat and light.   (fresh scented container candles should be used after a minimum of 4-5 days for optimum performance).
4. Wet patches on container candles does not impair its performance and may be caused by improper storage/temperature           variations or other insignificant causes and should not be a cause for worry.
5. Glass Jar Containers are made of glass and are susceptible to scratching, cracking, chipping and shattering.
6. Tin candles are made of metal hence are prone to dents, bending and distortion of shape.

What you need to do to store candle properly:
6. Store candles in a cool dry and dark place away from sources of direct heat, bright light, strong odours and temperature variations.
7. Colors candles may fade if exposed to direct sunlight and or any other source of strong light, keep them wrapped / covered, store them in a dark place.
8. Scented Candles if in a jar, always store them with lid tightly closed, keep the jar of the same fragrance together, avoid mixing scented pillar candles when storing. Use aluminum foils or cling film if long time storage is planned and club same scents together in box or cartons.
9.Ideal storage temperature should be less than equal to 27 degrees C but above 0 degrees C. (container candles may be kept a bit warmer to avoid shrinking).
10. Avoid glass to glass contact when storing glass containers, glass candle holders, crystal glass etc. use of bubble wrap packing is desirable when storing.
11. Tin Candle are best stored away from moisture and damp place, with lids tightly closed.
12. Store Pillar Candles upright to avoid loosing shape.(preferable wrapped in cellophane paper/cello sheets).

Cleaning Candle Residue & Wax:
Use these guidelines at your own risk – www.candledubai.com holds no responsibility whatsoever from following these guidelines – we advise seeking professional help in removing wax be it fabrics, furniture, crystal glassware, ceramics etc from cleaning companies.
1.Soot on glass containers can be cleaned with a paper towel napkin – only when the candles have been extinguished and cooled sufficiently.
2. Its possible to remove wax from clothes using blotting paper and hot iron press ( use caution and refer to an expert if unsure of the material or process)
3.Hair dryers can also be used to remove wax traces clinging to hard surface ( use caution to ensure the material is not heat sensitive).
5. Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals or solvents to clean or remove wax from any surface or material leave it to expert and professional cleaning services.

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